Care and Feeding

There are a few things that any vehicle wrap owner should know when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a wrap. Whether you're a business owner with a fleet of wrapped vehicles, a one-man shop or just a vehicle owner that wanted a temporary option to make their vehicle look eye catching. Vehicle wraps generally last up to 5 years but a wrap that is properly cared for can last much longer.


Immediately After Instalation

Do not wash your vehicle right after the graphics are installed. Your new graphics will take 48 hours at a temperature of 70 degrees for the adhesive to reach its maximum bond with the paint. In cold climates it is recommended that the vehicle be left in a climate controlled facility overnight before exposing it to the elements.

Window Perforation

Hand wash windows perf like regular vinyl. Do not use wipers or ice scrapers and avoid rolling the side windows up and down because they will damage the vinyl. If you've got a vehicle wrap or either standard opaque vinyl over the windows, avoid brushing and the use of an ice scraper. A rear defroster can also be detrimental to wrap vinyl. We use heat to remove vinyl so the use of a rear defroster can cause the vinyl to lift and peel.

Cleaning Procedures

Keep your graphics clean. Regularly cleaned graphics will last longer and maintain your company's image. Wash the vehicle by hand.


1. Rinse off the loose dirt and grit with clean water

2. Wash with a mild soap and water solution using a soft sponge and rinse thoroughly. (For difficult debris such as bug splatter or tree sap, soak with hot water.)

3. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom so that dirt has the opportunity to wash away from the vehicle, leaving you with a fresh clean surface.

4. Allow your vehicle to air dry or hand dry with a clean, dry cloth towel (microfiber works best), so as to avoid spotting.


Avoid washing your vehicle wrap with abrasive materials. Vehicle wrap vinyl is laminated for protection from the elements and from UV rays, but washing with harsh detergents can damage the vinyl and cause extensive wear that will reduce its life.

Things to Avoid

  • Standard vehicle polishes and waxes

  • Pressure washing your vehicle wrap.

  • leaving acidic or corrosive materials on your vehicle 


If soap and water fail to remove the contaminant, isopropyl or denatured alcohol can be used in spot cleaning.

The Life Span of Your Graphics

Typical Lifespan of a high performance cast vehicle is 4 to 5 years. Manufactures base these numbers on average sun exposure on a vertical surface. The best way to ensure your graphics last the maximum lifespan is by storing the vehicle out of the elements or using a car cover. The vinyl won't last as long in areas of the country with high UV rates or on horizontal surfaces like the hood, roof, and trunk of a vehicle. If your wrap film starts to discolor or turn brown (which is caused by acid pollution), immediately contact us to remove the wrap.